Bit of Healing

In our foundational program, Bit of Healing, gives individuals a peaceful setting for encouragement and can begin a trail to their emotional needs being met through God. Participants are paired in one on one mentoring relationships with an adult leader.  Anyone who feels like they can benefit from what Bit of Healing offers can participate. We just ask that each individual wants to be here. While our target group is *children ages 5-12, we have also served teens and women in our community.

Bit of Healing offers activities that are chosen by the participant and mentor to meet the individual goal and may not always include horse interaction. While riding can be a part of some sessions, it is not the main objective. Horse activities can include learning basic ground horsemanship skills, groom, feed, and care. Some other activities are ranch chores, caring for our other animals, hiking, sitting and talking, outdoors play, coloring or games. The activities will minister to meeting the individual goal.

Sessions are scheduled by appointment only. They are 60-90 minutes long, once a week. Sessions are available in the months of April – June and again September – November. This Bit of Healing program is offered **free of charge for every participant. All participants must fill out a questionnaire and have a signed release form on file each year.

*For children ages 5-12 to participate we ask that a parent or guardian stay at the ranch during each session. You can enjoy a book and ice tea in the shade, hiking through the forest or relax in our air-conditioned Welcome Center. Other children can enjoy the play areas or color as they wait with you. The Ranch is for families, too!

To register for Bit of Healing sessions, contact Dona Stansbery via email or call 573-406-3970.

**Sessions are valued at $30 each time, we offer it free of charge with a suggestion of each participant choosing their favorite horse to sponsor. If you are able to pay some or all of that amount, it would be helpful. However, this would not be considered a donation due to the fact that you are receiving a “good or service.” If you donate above the amount of $30 a session in order to help other children receive the program, you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for the amount above the program value. Thank you for your support of this ministry