Who We Are

Son Valley Youth Ranch is a place where children can come and experience an amazing bond with a horse.  What we’ve seen come out of this experience is the children feel like they are part of the ranch.  It gives them a sense of responsibility and helps them learn to love one another.  This experience lifts their spirits and they become part of something that they care about in so many ways.  The children learn about the horses’ personalities, grooming, riding and the chores that go along with caring for a horse.  They can also just spend time getting to know that special horse they have bonded with.  My biggest joy is the children start opening up, sharing their dreams and ideas for what they want to be and do as they are growing up.

About Us

Learn how to: Care for a horse, Bride and saddle, Saftey, Riding, and Poop scooping.

Weekly: Girls Bible Club

Monthly: Campouts, Campfires, and Cookouts!