Hearts & Horses (FBEAP)

Hearts & Horses, gives individuals a peaceful setting for personal growth exercises that locate wrong patterns of thoughts and replace them with healthy, clear, balanced thinking. Private sessions enhance relationships, self esteem, healthy boundaries, freedom from fear, anxiety, depression, addiction, abuse, and restore hope. Have fun and experience 100% success in every equine assisted activity!

This is a solution based activity to address what is holding you back from living in freedom today.

To schedule a private session(s), contact Dona Stansbery sonvalleyyouthranch@gmail.com

*For children ages 5-12 to participate we ask that a parent or guardian stay at the ranch during each session. You can enjoy a book and ice tea in the shade, hiking through the forest or relax in our air-conditioned Welcome Center. Other children can enjoy the play areas or color as they wait with you. The Ranch is for families, too!


FBEAP is based on the Bible and wild herd behavior.  We partner with horses and Holy Spirit to gently expose and eliminate unhealthy thought patterns and replace them with healthy, Biblical thought patterns that set people free for the life that God has called them to live.

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