The ranch is especially a great place for children because we present the gospel message clearly and they have an opportunity to be counseled for salvation. The saved child will also be challenged to live for Christ with both attitudes and service. Sending a child to Son Valley Youth Ranch is a good way to invest your resources in God’s stock market. The returns over time will accumulate in Heaven as the child lives his life for Christ.

Please consider becoming a sponsor. Our priority is to help those who are at risk or less fortunate.  We are thankful to our gracious God that He supplies sponsors to help keep our programs free for those that are not able to donate. By simply choosing a sponsorship level, you can ensure a cost free opportunity to the community in need, quality care to our rescued horses and ranch development for His purpose.

Monthly Sponsorship Level

$5, $10, or $20 – Sponsor our programs

$30, $60, or $120 – Sponsor a Horse

Yearly or One-time giving towards programs, horses or ranch development of any amount is very appreciated.

Sponsorship Form

Checks and Sponsorship form may be mailed to:Son Valley Youth Ranch 31274 County Road 320 Canton, MO 63435.  Please put where you would like it go on memo line.

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If you would like a copy of our yearly budget let us know.