Dancer’s Story

    Breed: Quarter horse mix

    Color: Sorrel

    Markings: Star

    Height: 15 hands

    Date of Birth: 1996

    Arrived at SVYR: June 2011

    Rider Level: Experienced Beginner & Up

Dancer arrived in June of 2011. She was a true gift from god, we found her on the side of the road 1 mile from the ranch. SVYR rescued her from neglect. Dancer was in need of some true love and care. She is am now a favorite at SVYR. She is a wonderful, sweet, and smooth horse to ride. Dancer is a trustworthy and gentle horse, and loves everybody!

Dancer absolutely love to go riding through the trails. During the fall is her favorite time of year because there are less horse flies and less sweat! Dancer is a beautiful brown quarter horse and she loves grazing in the pasture with all the other horses. Son Valley Youth Ranch is proud to be Dancers owner, she is a big blessing to the ranch. She loves it here watching children Bond, Heal, and Grow!

Fun Fact:
When Dancer is cold she will neigh and it will sound like an owl!

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