Casey’s Story

    Breed: Registered Quarter Horse

    Color: Dark Brown Bay

    Markings: Star

    Height: 15.2 hands

    Date of Birth: 2000

    Arrived at SVYR: May 4th, 2012

    Rider Level: Beginner & Up

This is Casey

Casey is very special to us. She has been at the ranch since 2012, she has her signature mark # 20. She was on her way to the sell barn, when the Amish told Dona that she needed to come and take a look before they sent her off. So as of May 4th, 2016 Casey has been here for 4 years.

When Casey first got to Son Valley she was very shy to all of the other horses and to the new people, but as she grew older and wiser she began to come out of her shell and open up to people. Casey is and always will be one of the favorites here at Son Valley because she is beautiful, caring, kind and most of all a loving and careful horse. Casey has had many ups and downs the past couple of years, but she is becoming her old self again. Casey is AMAZING at doing horse shows, going on trail rides or just plain riding in the arena with the little kids. Casey loves people! Casey is one of a kind, and she is a small part of the heart of the operation.

Currently, Casey is going through a long case of laminitis in her front legs. She cannot be rode at this time but can still be brushed and loved on by everyone. We are hoping she will be fully healed soon!

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