Bambi’s Story

Breed: AHA Registered Purebred Arabian

Color: Sorrel

Markings: Star & Pastern on Right Front & Hind

Height: 14.3 hands

Date of Birth 1994

Arrived at SVYR: 2002

Rider Level: Beginner & Up

Bambi arrived at Son Valley Youth Ranch as an easily frightened and wild 9 year old. She was named Bambi because when she was born she looked like a fawn! Her registered name is Halimas Bambi, Only Dona could ride her because she would often spook. As she was ridden more and more she became calmer and more trusting. She even got to be ridden in Dona and Jeff’s wedding!

In 2014 Bambi got a rare disease called purpura hemorrhagic. It causes various spots on the body to swell and break open. She also lost a lot weight, which she is still gaining back. We didn’t know if she would make it because there wasn’t a specific treatment of the disease. Through wound cleanings and various applications of Bag Balm, several times a day, she slowly but surely recovered.

She can’t go on as hard or long of rides that she would like too but, is still a fun horse to ride. Bambi is now a great horse for anyone to ride and is one of the children’s favorites. She may be one of the oldest horse at SVYR, but her sassy attitude doesn’t show it!

Fun Fact: Bambi had 3 foals at her first home!

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